What does free for life mean?This means you'll have access to your credit report for as long as we're around, keeping you in the know about your credit score whenever you need it. How does Noddle make its money?We receive a small commission from product providers for any customer who uses our site and takes out a product, such as a credit card.

However, there is no obligation to purchase and customers can carry on getting their credit report and score free for life. When can I look at my report?With Noddle, your credit report and score is updated every 7 days for as long as you remain a Noddle customer.

You have free access to your credit report and credit score so you can look at it as often as you want, there are no restrictions; we'd recommend you check it regularly just as you'd do with your bank statement or utility bills. What information do I need to sign-up?You'll need to provide us with a few personal details and answer a couple of questions about your financial history so we can find your report.

Your address: You'll need at least three years of address history and to have financial accounts such as credit card or loan or mortgage accounts linked to your current address. A debit or credit card: We only use your card to securely identify you.